T(H)INKERING is a pet project. It started as a class assignment, became a personal passion project, and now consists of a group of thinkers finding their collective voice. Part- podcast series, part- TBD, this is a place for us to talk about the things that inspire and confuse us, as well as the things that make us laugh or consider new ideas.

We’re a group of friends born and raised in LA. We come from all backgrounds and experiences, meeting each other through proximate happenstance. Over the years we carried our friendships through life’s ups and downs. We found strength in our camaraderie and gathered together for good food and engaging backyard discussions. The backyard we would later dub N0kwood from an old license plate found in the over growth.

In N0KWOOD, we shared funny stories, break ups, hopes, projects, hobbies, uplifting ideas, and daily struggles. The days, weeks or months could pass, but we were always grateful when we could get together and have a chat.

Today, adult life has scattered us across the state, and so the need to turn our tiny outdoor space into a digital forum where we can continue to uplift and connect arose. Welcome to T(h)inkering, the demonstration of years of friendship from a varied collection of thinkers, tinkerers, artists, and craftspeople.



Joe "Dangerous" - the man with the plan

Technology | Reflections | Cooking | Life Pondering

With a background in technology, Jose had an idea to start a podcast. He shared that idea, and pulled together this podcasting project. He sets the tone for thoughtful reflection and brings in humorous stories from his many adventures and travels.


Nicholas, "Lover of Myths" - contributor

Current Affairs | Mythology | Art | Photography

You can always count on Nic to ensure our podcasts dive into the deep recesses of archetypal musings and random animal facts. Nic brings a general joie de vivre to every encounter, and loves to play devils advocate.


keilyn, "opinion factory” - Contributor

Education | Gaming | History | Sports

Keilyn is a little like Kermit sipping tea, except he’s a fan of water and voices his opinion always. You’ll hear soapboxes a plenty out of this one, from the latest video game roll outs and historical inaccuracies to how we’re raising tomorrow’s future and what coach isn’t coaching.


Ayla, "fiesty Honey badger" - contributor

Philosophy | Wellness | Metaphysics | Nature

This dog lover is a fan of walks in nature, breaking out of the mundane, applied philosophy, and the latest hippie trends for overall wellness. She’s also a fan of psychology and can be trusted to toss in some brain science from time to time.



Angie, "mermaid artist chick” - Contributor

Introspection | Graphic Design | Anime |

A graphic designer, anime lover, ocean swimmer, and all around mystical being, Angie brings a fun and bright presence to Plank Talks. Her quest to integrate her past with her presence is beyond inspiring, and she always has a delightful quip to keep you on your toes!